Programme Planning

Our programme is based around the principles of “Te Whaariki”, New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum.

Staff set up activities daily, throughout the Centre, which include art, fine motor, messy play, water play, gross motor and music and movement.

The Centre operates a Transition to School programme for our four year old children.  The programme covers a wide range of the emergent curriculum, including literacy, numeracy, science and technology in a fun manner.

To ensure each child’s individual needs are met, staff work as a team to programme plan for each individual child. Daily assessments occur as staff listen, watch and interact with children both as individuals and in group situations

Each child has an individual “Profile Book” which serves as a written and photographic record of a child’s learning experiences at the Centre. Samples of artwork, photographs and all documentation relating to the planning process are retained in this book.

Parents are encouraged to browse through their child’s Profile Book at any time and take the book with them when they leave the Centre.

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